October 10th, 2010, 6:57 pm

Computer problems

Sorry guys that I haven't updated for what? 3 weeks now? ^^() Like I said last time, I was grounded from the computer for an indefinite amount of time. Now while I can (could) still work on the school laptop, 1) it has a very strict firewall that block sj and 2) my flashdrive failed on me.

See I use Gimp and it's the only program I comfortable using for this stuff. Since I can download it on to my school's computer I had it saved to a flashdrive along with almost everything else. Yesterday that flash just completely died on me. I hadn't backed up any of the files for forever and freaked out.

Luckily, I was able to recover the files and save them to my home computer. Unfortunately the flashdrive is completely dead and I need a new one. So until I can get out and buy a new flashdrive, I can use gimp on my school computer and my parents still don't want me on the home computer too much.

Another reason for delay is that my motivation's very shaky at this point. Trying to have a better mindset about everything in general and it's taking a lot out of me.

Sorry again for not updating. I'll try and get the next page up as soon as possible. Until then, see ya.

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